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JAP Release new AV Pro 2g+ TX & RX

2G+AVPro is the newest model of HD over IP transmitter and receiver, which have added audio features that the 2G and 2G+ generations do not. The tran

Luxul Get's Some Mojo

As of today we are proud to partner with Luxul , distributing thier networking products through out Asia and India  Luxul is a leading innovator

Metageek Launches Chanalyzer 5 !

Chanalyzer 5 shows you the signal strength and RF activity of co-channel networks, overlapping channel networks, and non-Wi-Fi transmitters on each Wi

Mersive gets some Mojo !

Mersive and Mojoworx Form Sales Partnership that Extends Mersive’s Global Reach in Asia and India. Mersive a leading provider of visual computi
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visualize your wireless landscape


We live in a world where everything is going wireless. Having a solid, interference-free WLAN is essential for happy co-existence.  This is especially true in the automation and A/V world, where the newest, coolest wireless gear is only as good as the network it runs on.

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    inSSIDer for Office

    inSSIDer for Office is a network discovery tool designed to help you find poor channel placement, low signal strength, and high channel power as you walk around your building.    With the

    Chanalyzer 5

    Chanalyzer displays RF data from Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer, showing activity and interference in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Survey and categorize captures with Session Manager. Use Waterfall Navigati

    Eye PA

    There may be a lot more slowing down your Wi-Fi traffic than you realize, and, unless you examine your network at the packet level, you won’t know what it is. Eye P.A. lets you see the congestio

    Chanalyzer Lab

    One of the primary advantages of Wi-Spy tools is that they are small and highly portable, which means they are a heck-of-a-lot more enjoyable to pack around than traditional bench-top spectrum ana

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