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JAP Release new AV Pro 2g+ TX & RX5 May 2015

2G+AVPro is the newest model of HD over IP transmitter and receiver, which have added audio features that the 2G and 2G+ generations do not.

The transmitters are BIG NEWS.

2G/2G+ transmitters can only send one audio format at a time. By comparison the 2G+AVPro transmitters have a Dolby DSP chipset on board that transforms Dolby 5.1 audio to Dolby PLII format and sends it over the network.

The Dolby PLII format is recognized as Stereo 2.0 audio by regular HDMI devices but an AVR in a multi-channel audio zone is able to recognize the Dolby PLII and convert it back to 5.1. The result is that you simultaneously get 2.0 stereo audio in all stereo zones and 5.1 in all multi-channel zones. No fiddling with EDID settings or additional signal management is required, as can be the case with fixed format video matrixes.