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Mojoworx introduces Launchport !13 October 2012

LaunchPort is the world’s first inductive charging and magnetic mounting solution for iPad. The LaunchPort system consists of a Sleeve, which is a mounting and charging hard case for the iPad and any number of Stations. A WallStation is a wall charging and mounting location for the Sleeve. A

RTI Releases 20 NEW PRODUCTS At CEDIA USA25 September 2012

RTI introduced 20 new products at CEDIA Expo 2012, in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary.   The highlight was the new Apex control platform. Among other useful features, the platform supports remote programming and project management.   Projects can be stored in the cl

Just Add Power New 2G+ TX & RX24 September 2012

Just Add Power add the new 2G= series of TX & RX HDMI transmitters      2G+ Additional Features and Functions   •  HDMI Pass-through on Transmitter •  USB over IP for Touch Screens / KBM / Joysticks •  Audio Extraction - 3.5mm Stereo &bul

ProPanel App Now Available !21 May 2012

Today’s electronics are converging in new and exciting ways, and the ProPanel app is a perfect example of that. Highly customizable using the Pro Control Studio® programming software, ProPanel offers the same intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remote controls do – o

RTI's ESC-2 Ethernet to Serial Adapter- Now Available!11 May 2012

The ESC-2 Ethernet to Serial Converter provides a convenient way to add two RS-232 ports to an RTI XP series control processor. Wire the ESC-2 to the local Ethernet network with standard cat-5 cable and it will offer full two-way control, as if the device was wired directly to the control proce