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JAP Release new AV Pro 2g+ TX & RX

2G+AVPro is the newest model of HD over IP transmitter and receiver, which have added audio features that the 2G and 2G+ generations do not. The tran

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2G+ A/V Pro PoE Transmitter


The newly released 2G+ A/V Pro line-up offers increased flexibility and additional functionality, with Dolby Laboratories certification and IP-controlled variable analog audio-out allowing you to transform multi-channel Dolby Digitial audio to be mulit-channel in multi-channel zones and stereo in stereo zones. The 2G+ A/V Pro Transmitter also has MIC and LINE inputs that can be mixed with the original HDMI audio enabling applications like doorbell and paging.

The AVPro Transmitters have a licensed Dolby DSP chipset on board. This allows the Transmitter to transform Dolby 5.1 audio to Dolby PLII format and send it over the network. The beauty of the Dolby PLII format is that it seems like a Stereo 2.0 audio format to regular HDMI devices, but an AVR in a multi-channel zone is able recognize the Dolby PLII and convert it back to full 5.1 audio. The end result is that you get 2.0 stereo audio in all your stereo zones and you get 5.1 multi-channel audio in all your multi-channel zones, simultaneously! This mixed mode audio format works on all the 2G/2G+/2G+AVPro receivers running our firmware A5.30 or later, so you do NOT have to use AVPro Receivers to get the benefit of the Dolby DSP in the AVPro Transmitter. This is not possible with the regular 2G/2G+ Transmitters, they can only send one audio format at a time (i.e. send stereo or multi-channel, but not both).


  • Dolby Digital DSP chipset on board allowing simultaneous Stereo and Multi-Channel audio from an HDMI source.
  • HDMI Passthrough port on Transmitters
  • Stereo Line-IN port (3.5mm)
  • Microphone Line-IN port (3.5mm)
  • Integrated audio mixer on board allowing the three audio inputs (HDMI, Stereo, Mic.) to be independently mixed/muted.
  • USB 2.0 over IP
  • Stereo Audio Extraction with Adjustable Lip Sync
  • Variable audio output on the stereo out port that can be adjusted up/down via the control system.
  • Integrated ground loop isolator.
  • Locking HDMI Cables
  • CEC Over IP
  • Instant Seamless Switching Between Sources
  • Visually Lossless 1080p Video Transmission
  • Simultaneously transmits Stereo and Multi-channel Audio
  • Built-in Video Wall Function
  • Side-by-side HD 3D Support
  • Easy Free Firmware Upgrades
  • Major Control System Drivers Available
  • Power Over Ethernet supported
  • Integrated RS232 port for distributed remote control
  • Image PULL supported


2G+ A/V Pro PoE Transmitter